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The new Stanford University logo is both unappealing aesthetically and lacks the prestige and elegance of its predecessor. Great design is everywhere on the web, especially in Silicon Valley. There's no reason that a new, web-optimized logo cannot also be beautiful and capture the spirit of the university in a way that resonates both with current students and alumni. Add your voice to this petition to urge Lisa Lapin, associate VP of university communications, to change the logo back to the original typeface or contract a new design that reflects the spirit of the University.

Letter to
Stanford University associate VP of university communication Lisa Lapin
We the students, alumni, and concerned supporters of Stanford University, strongly urge you to reconsider the new logotype for the university. We feel that it no longer resonates with the University's values or prestige. We ask that you consider if not reverting to the old logotype, contracting a new one that better respects the spirit of the University and those who support it.

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