We demand the JNU Vice Chancellor Step Down

We demand the JNU Vice Chancellor Step Down

72,989 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
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Ramesh Pokhriyal (Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India)

Why this petition matters

Started by Farana Salam

There was a complete breakdown of campus security on January 5 at JNU.

Masked attackers were allowed to freely walk all across campus. They brutally attacked students and systematically went from one hostel to another intentionally searching for students involved in the protest against the fee hike. Videos have emerged from specific hostels with broken windows, showing large stones thrown around, and cars vandalized by masked goons. They entered women’s hostels even as campus security stood by silently.

How could the JNU administration allow this to happen?

Either these pre-planned attacks took place with the knowledge of the Vice-Chancellor or he completely failed in his responsibility to protect his students and faculty.

Throughout the shocking attack, the JNU administration was extremely slow to respond even as students reported continued violence. Videos emerged from JNU showing very little visible presence of the police while the attack was underway. The Registrar of JNU issued a statement only at 9 PM, two hours after the attack had begun. The Vice-Chancellor at the time of writing this statement has done little to reassure students or faculty of their physical wellbeing.

Many students and I are forced to conclude that the administration and the police were complicit in facilitating the attack.

Sign my petition asking for the

1. Ministry of Human Resource Development to remove Registrar Pramod Kumar and the University Vice-Chancellor Mamidala, Jagadesh Kumar, or ask them to resign, because of their failure to guarantee the safety of their students and faculty.

2. We demand a fair and impartial inquiry into the events of January 5 that will hold the perpetrators of the attack accountable.

Such a total breakdown in campus safety is unconscionable. Stand up and speak out because you believe in democracy and the rule of law. Today it was our campus, tomorrow it could be your campus, home or offices.

72,989 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!