Stand with Zoey, stop abuse by school faculty.

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During the 2017-2018 school year my 12 year old daughter, Zoey, and two of her 5th grade classmates have endured physical and verbal abuse by their teacher’s assistant. Denise Fruda has allegedly pinched, pushed, scratched, pulled hair, spanked, screamed, and swore at these children. The allegations were reported to principal Amy Langworthy as well as pupil personnel director Stephanie Gibson and superintendent John Goralski, after which Mrs Fruda was given her “one and only warning”. After continued harassment Mrs Fruda was removed from the 5th grade classroom and placed in a 3rd grade classroom by the administration. This administration refused to report these allegations to the police or even the State Education Department. I reported these allegations to these offices as well as posting public on social media to make parents aware of what is happening and clearly being ignored, even allowed to continue. After the post gained attention Mrs Fruda was placed on “administrative leave”. Retired school faculty have come forward, stating that they have made complaints against Mrs Fruda spanning over the past decade only to be adivsed by Amy Langworthy, the administration, and the union that they should keep their mouths shut, they don’t want to hear the complaints. I’ve even been contacted by faculty that was physically assaulted by Fruda in front of a classroom of children and still the administration refused to take action! There is an ongoing police investigation with the Warren County criminal investigation unit, Zoey’s story has been shared by CBS6 and countless concerned parents. After all of this there is still the possibility that Mrs Fruda will be allowed to once again work in the school district and continue abusing children. Stand with us, together we can make a difference. Starting with the immediate dismissal of Mrs Fruda’s employment at WCSD and also an investigation into Mrs Langworthy, Mrs Gibson, and Mr Goralski for their failure to act on this abuse and keep the students safe!