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Stand with Wisconsin's Women and Families

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Update: Our campaign to stand with Wisconsin's middle class by electing pro-choice women in the recall elections resulted in two amazing victories: Jennifer Shilling and Jessica King are headed to Madison to continue fighting for working women and their families. 

Jennifer and Jessica beat Republican incumbents in Republican districts, a remarkable feat in a recall election. 

We have a lot to be proud of, from the working people of Wisconsin standing up and fighting back against a governor and legislature that prioritizes corporate interests over working families, to the incredible bravery of all five of our women who threw their hats in the ring.

We may not have won our ultimate goal of taking back the Wisconsin senate, but these victories are sending a message: the Republican War on Women will not stand. The tea party GOP has already punished working families, caused the credit crisis, and shown their willingness to destroy our economy -- and we are fighting back. In Wisconsin and across the country, the tide is turning. Women have been the key to victory after victory, and they will be the key again in 2012.


This past winter, tens of thousands of protesters demanded that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his Republican allies in the state legislature stop attacking the right of workers to collectively bargain -- attacks that hit women and families especially hard. 

Walker and his cronies awoke a sleeping giant: now Wisconsin voters will head to the polls in a special election this summer to decide if they want to keep six of those GOP senators in office who backed the radical plan to take away state workers’ rights.

In FIVE of those six races, pro-choice Democratic women are running against Walker’s Republican allies. EMILY's List is committed to helping them win: we're going online, on the air, and in the streets with a goal of switching the Wisconsin Senate from GOP to Democratic control and stopping the War on Women in Wisconsin for good. 

But we need your help to prove there are consequences for their actions – we will not stand for eroding workers’ rights, slashing education funding, and decimating health care. 

Join EMILY’s List and these five women candidates to send a powerful message to Republicans across the country: Don’t mess with women workers and their families.

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