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Stand with the Senators Who Will Stay Up All Night to Demand Action on Climate Change

On Monday, March 10th, a group of U.S. senators will spend all night speaking out on the Senate floor about the urgent need for Congress to “wake up” and take action on climate change.

Before they begin this exciting push for climate action, we want to deliver 50,000 messages of support to show that people all across the country have their back. Will you be one of them?

Add your name to our petition to help us show that Americans overwhelmingly support their efforts to address the greatest challenge of our generation.

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I support and thank you for your efforts to elevate the urgent need for congressional action to fight climate change. As you stay up all night on March 10th, I will be standing with you and echoing your call to address the climate crisis and protect our communities. We have an obligation to future generations to fight climate change and invest in a clean energy future.

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