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Stand with Senator Whitehouse to Protect Social Security and Medicare Benefits

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Last week, The Washington Post ran a headline that said everything you need to know about the budget negotiations happening right now in Washington:

"In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts."

Democrats must stand firm against any cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits. Period.

In response to the negotiations, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse introduced a Senate resolution that tells the President and congressional negotiators on both sides that cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits must be off the table.

Join Senator Whitehouse's fight to protect these hugely popular and successful programs and become a citizen cosponsor of his Senate resolution:

Text of the Sense of the Senate on Protecting Social Security and Medicare:
(a) Findings -- Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Over 34 million retired workers currently receive Social Security benefits -- averaging a modest $14,100 a year.
(2) In 2008, 23% of retirees receiving Social Security depended on it for all or almost all of their income.
(3) According to the AARP, Social Security kept 36% of seniors out of poverty in 2008.
(4) Reducing Social Security benefits would cause many seniors to have to choose between food and drugs and rent and heat.
(5) Ninety-five percent of seniors -- almost 37 million in 2008 -- get their health coverage through Medicare.
(6) Without Medicare, seniors -- many of whom live off of Social Security -- would have to turn to the costly and uncertain private market for health insurance.
(7) Social Security and Medicare are extremely successful social insurance programs that permit America’s seniors to retire with dignity and security after a lifetime of hard work, and relieve young American families of worry about their own futures, allowing freedom of opportunity in America.
(b) Sense of the Senate: It is the Sense of the Senate that any agreement to reduce the budget deficit should not include cuts to Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits is bad policy when so many people are still struggling in this tough economy. White House negotiators need to know that they may not get the Democratic votes they need to pass a final budget deal if they slash benefits for Social Security and Medicare.

Take action and cosponsor Senator Sheldon Whitehouse's resolution to protect Social Security and Medicare benfits today.

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