Stand with Queer Palestinians

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We as QPEN welcomes the various organizations and collective groups statements on the horrendous concept known as #Pinkwashing.
But we have to get this out - and state we simply want to have as many signatories as possible stating folks are against zionism/#Pinkwashing. And The LGBTQ Community will admit it's issue on Acknowledging we exist, and hold it's accountability mechanism to call out zionist who engage in harm against us Queer Palestinians. Here are the facts and realities :
While Israel makes life miserable for Palestinians in the occupied territories, Israeli settlers living illegally on stolen Palestinian land enjoy all the rights and privileges of Israeli citizenship and are encouraged to steal ever more Palestinian land, protected by the Israeli army. Add to this Being Queer In 48 and Queer Under occupation, LGBT palestinians lives are being choked out by the settler colonialist apartheid state.
Israel cannot claim to be a democracy while ruling over millions of people without granting them basic rights like the right to vote for the government that controls their lives.

U.S. taxpayers are complicit through the billions of dollars of weapons the U.S. gives Israel each yearm $10 million every day What we demand!!

For Now :

  1. We want an statement of solidarity from groups reaffirming our right to be apart of this existence. All LGBT groups must be Anti-Zionist and Anti Pinkwashing.
  2. For those who trashed our members and co-founder since Creating Chains confernce in chicago (they continue to do so).
  3. Commit to ending the occupiation and using their voice to call out and #CancelPinkwashing. Also that the LGBT attend events to understand the Palestinian plight. Donate to our groups.
  4. We want zionists to apologize and offer reparations for the occupation #PayUsNow 
  5. Endorse and publicly support BDS Movement. 

Please, we urge folks to sign this in solidarity with us at QPEN in this time of silence, lies, and fabrication of our truths. We are working on a statement that true organizations dedicated to ending imperialism and colonization to sign on not this tread of #Homonationialsm

We Palestinians just want to be able to live in freedom and give their children a better future, just like everyone else.

  • We demand and deserve to live in peace and freedom with dignity.
  • We demand and will fight against homonationalism and be our queer-selves free from occupiation.
  • Not to have to worry that someone is going to come and push them off their land and destroy their home so that others can come live in their place.
  • To give their children a prosperous future.
  • To be able to travel freely from one place to another within their own homeland and abroad.

For questions and media inquiries, please email and or

Until we return,
In Solidarity,
QPEN The Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network.

About us: The Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network (QPEN) exists in 2 fold to empower the voices of Queer Palestinians: In addition to, provide a space/network so this community can have the agency to be empowered to change the political landscape. Whereas, to combat Pinkwashing colonialism on all fronts.Also, to tell the truth when it is not popular. We provide services to Queer Palestinian folks and also demand that our accomplices do some of the work to fight apartheid. We also look to our comrades for solidarity to end this struggle. Likes us on Facebook and follow us on twitter @Qpaliempowerus

#CancelPinkwashing #StandWithQPEN #BuildWithUs #FreePalestine
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 #CancelPinkwashing #StandWithQPEN #BuildWithUs #FreePalestine

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