Stand with Brandon Brown and LGBCoin​.​io

Stand with Brandon Brown and LGBCoin​.​io

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Brandon Brown is being sponsor-blocked by NASCAR for the sin of standing there while NBC News lied about what the Talladega crowd chanted.

Is it fair that they revoked a previously approved sponsor just because the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant has morphed into what some consider ‘political’ by no fault of Brandon Brown?
P.S. view NASCAR’s approval emails here. 

Now they have revoked Brandon’s sponsor even AFTER they ALREADY approved it:




Let’s go Brandon is LET’S GO AMERICA.

Help Brandon take back his own name.

Stand with us and stand for America.

#StandWithBrandonBrown. Fight for America and sign our petition now.


The racing giant is trying to cancel Brandon Brown and his sponsor Please sign this petition to stop them.

After Brandon won Talledega, his name became infamous. We won't recount the story here but let's just say the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" went viral. 

Learn a bit more about Brandon, read the New York Times article on him or check out Brandon's own Op-Ed in Newsweek. Brandon is a class-act and a good patriotic young man that all of America should be proud to support. It's clear reading those articles that Brandon is trying to take back his own name and he has stated that he wants the phrase to mean "Let's Go America". 

LGB Coin stepped in to save the day and granted him a full-year primary sponsorship after Talladega. Brandon worked closely with LGB Coin to make sure that the site had nothing negative on it and was pro-American only. After a couple of months of hard work, LGB Coin and Brandon's racing team finally agreed on terms. Brandon's racing team then had the car painted, submitted to the execs for approval and it was approved.

Brandon's racing team and LGB Coin then put out a press release, since they had approval. What happened next? The racing execs lied and told reporters that they didn't approve it! 

This sponsor-blocking is costing Brandon's racing team millions of dollars in lost sponsorship revenue. Sponsorship revenue is critical to helping Brandon compete during the 2022 seasons.

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17,582 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!