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Stand Up in Support of Expanded Learning Time in our High-Poverty Schools

All students in America, including children living in poverty, deserve an education that prepares them for success in college and careers and a rich, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, our schools are trapped in a 19th-century schedule when they need to deliver a 21st-century education.

Schools that have broken from the bounds of the conventional calendar offer promising alternatives to the status quo. Many high-performing, high-poverty schools have expanded the length of their school day, week, and/or year. These schools fundamentally redesign how time is used to effectively raise achievement, enrich education, and empower teachers.  

Speak up today in favor of ensuring that our high-poverty schools have the support and flexibility necessary to expand learning time for their students. More time for small-group instruction, project-based and hands-on learning, and enrichment courses will benefit students well beyond their time in the classroom.

Tell your Representatives in Congress that expanding learning time is a priority for you and our nation's children. 


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