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Stand Up in Support of Expanded Learning Time in our High-Poverty Schools

All students in America, including children living in poverty, deserve an education that prepares them for success in college and careers and a rich, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, our schools are trapped in a 19th-century schedule when they need to deliver a 21st-century education.

Schools that have broken from the bounds of the conventional calendar offer promising alternatives to the status quo. Many high-performing, high-poverty schools have expanded the length of their school day, week, and/or year. These schools fundamentally redesign how time is used to effectively raise achievement, enrich education, and empower teachers.  

Speak up today in favor of ensuring that our high-poverty schools have the support and flexibility necessary to expand learning time for their students. More time for small-group instruction, project-based and hands-on learning, and enrichment courses will benefit students well beyond their time in the classroom.

Tell your Representatives in Congress that expanding learning time is a priority for you and our nation's children. 


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In pioneering schools across the country, expanded learning time is emerging as a powerful strategy to close both the achievement and opportunity gaps between students in low-income communities and their peers in wealthier school districts.

Thoughtfully redesigning and expanding school time enables our schools to better prepare our students for college and beyond. While every school’s educational program would be designed by the local school community, a longer day and/or year would all allow for:

• More time for rigorous learning in core subjects such as reading, language arts, math, science, history, and civics;
• More time for enrichment activities that contribute to a well-rounded education, such as music and the arts, physical education, service-learning, and hands-on work-based internships; and
• More time for teachers to work collaboratively, analyze and use data, and participate in training and professional development to improve instruction and student outcomes.

In the end, expanding learning time means building a better, stronger school day to prepare all students for life in our complex global society. Empowering communities to expand the school day, week, or year will help principals and teachers transform their schools and provide all of our students the education they need and deserve.

I ask that you make this a priority for our nation's children.

Thank you for your support of children and families.


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