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Stand Up for Strong Soot Protections


The EPA just proposed a new clean air safeguard for fine particulate matter, also called soot. Soot is one of the most dangerous forms of air pollution, contributing to heart disease, asthma, and premature deaths -- adding up to $1 billion a year in health costs.

These health protections are a no-brainer, but as usual big polluters are trying to stop them. The good news is that we can fight back. The EPA is taking comments on the soot safeguard right now.

Stand up for life-saving soot protections. Send a comment to the EPA and support their proposal today!

Letter to
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
Fine particle pollution-- a result of emissions from fossil fuel-burning power plants, industrial refineries and vehicle exhaust-- is a pervasive problem and particular threat to pregnant women, young children, seniors, people of lower socioeconomic status, and those with lung or heart disease. Doctors and scientists tell us that exposure causes premature death and non-fatal heart attacks and is linked to the development of chronic respiratory disease.

The science clearly tells us that the existing standards are not strong enough to protect public health and too many Americans are needlessly breathing dirty air.

I urge you to fully enforce the Clean Air Act and move forward with a strong soot standard that protects children and families from dangerous fine particle pollution. Please strengthen the annual standard to 11µg/m³ and the 24-hour standard to 25µg/m³.

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