Stand up for AMAZON employees

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Before you order that next item from Amazon, I want you to really think about what goes on behind the scenes. Sure, you can get same day deliveries, but at what cost? I guess the purpose of this petition is to bring awareness to mental health in the workplace and for us as human beings to take a stand against big companies that bend their workers until they break. Mental illness affects millions of people everyday and you can either be a part of the solution or the problem. Amazon is a part of the problem. We all have the right to work so we can eat and have a place to live but sometimes that can mean sacrificing your mental health...especially if you're working at Amazon.

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

Amazon employees need a union, better pay, lower production rates, to be able to go to the bathroom without fear of missing production rates, to not be yelled at or berated by managers or other employees, to have a better attendance points system, more personal days, music to boost morale, accommodation for people with mental health issues like autism, remote jobs in Canada, not just the US, and maybe some basic human dignity.

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I don't think most people realize how much Amazon is tormenting their employees with their outrageous production rates and goals. We are hounded everyday if our rates slip just a tiny bit. You have to go faster and no matter how fast you go it's still not fast enough. The stress of this job is like a worm under your skin. At the end of the day you are left emotionally and physically broken. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about suicide while at work, or how many times I've sat in the bathroom crying, praying for just a sliver of peace. In the stall beside me I can hear the quiet sniffles of someone else going through whatever they're going through. I want to reach out to them, but I'm lost in my own anguish. I only have enough strength to get myself through the day just so I can make enough money to survive, because that's what it's all about, isn't it? Surviving?

This company is vile and evil and rotten and they make you feel like dead things. They stand on the shoulders of associates until they are on their knees, broken and spent. They pay you at an hourly rate you can barely survive on. Associates speak in hushed tones whenever they talk about a union for fear of being fired. They claim playing music in the warehouse is a safety issue, but the machinery is so loud it could blow out your eardrums, and now I am suffering with sensory overload. Their attendance systems are chains and their rates are whips. I always tell people that once you start working at Amazon, you don't come out the same. You lose yourself in there. You become programmed to live your entire life like you're on a rate. Whether I am brushing my teeth, eating or taking a shower, I do it like the devil is chasing me. Everything in my life has become a rate now. I have to go faster, no matter what I'm doing I just have to be fast. 

My doctor submitted forms for modified hours recently, and they could not or would not accommodate me. They are practically open 24/7, but for some reason they were not willing to accommodate my disability. Let me make this clear, I did not need my job duties changed. It was the hours that required adjustment, but Amazon doesn't care if you have autism or some other mental health issue. You are basically treated like a burden that they couldn't be bothered with. 

I am hoping that whoever is reading this wants to be part of the solution and fight for what's right. Sign this petition if you are against the way Amazon treats their employees. We are the ones suffering everyday so you can get your next day delivery. You can show your support by posting a link to this petition on your social media with #boycottamazon #standuptoamazon

Stand up for Amazon employees. Fight mental health. It's up to everyone to put an end to this disease.