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In June 2011, the Alabama state legislature voted yes to approve an unconstitutional bill which legalizes racial profiling, judges people based on the color of their skin, and promotes a culture of hatred and fear. After widespread legislative support, Governor Bentley signed the bill and it has since become law.

From the day this law was passed farmers, construction managers, and other small business owners expressed their concern that pushing thousands of hard working immigrants out of the state would have serious ramifications on their ability to pick tomatoes, build homes and stay open for business. School children in Alabama have been confronted with questions about who they are based on the color of their skin.

Instead of marching backwards in time, Alabama should be looking towards a future that is inclusive and that recognizes and respects everyone--regardless of the color of their skin. This kind of discrimination and racial profiling should not be happening in America.

Urge Governor Bentley and the Alabama state legislature to repeal the hateful law immediately.

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Alabama State House
Alabama State Senate
Alabama Governor
I believe that HB 56 is an affront to our values as a country and because it damages our economy and workers. Fear is not a jobs policy. This law should not be happening, not in our America.

The state's economy is worsening; growers are looking for workers outside of Alabama because the law took away their immigrant labor force; small businesses are drying up as immigrants' consumer spending has dropped; workers are afraid to go to work; mothers are afraid to shop for groceries and children are still afraid to attend school.

This law has not done what it was intended to do, and it had taken us backwards.

Please repeal HB 56 immediately. We cannot legalize racial profiling and discrimination.


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