Stand together to protect ancient Pacific Northwest Rainforests like Eden Grove.

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Ninety-four percent of Vancouver Island ancient forests have been clear-cut.  

Eden Grove is the next ancient forest on the chopping block.

The Pacheedaht First Nation licensed this destruction to an out-of-control BC Government who ignores its own antiquated and inadequate forestry management laws.

We've had enough.

We can protect Eden Grove, this paradise island on which it grows, and the world's irreplaceable ecosystems. 

Not bulldozing ancient forests ensures long-term tourism revenue, which yields far greater profit for way more people over a much longer term. 

Let's not forget about all the bears, cougars, eagles, and other wildlife constantly on the run from this destruction - forced into populated areas and then slaughtered by conservation officers.

Step one - let the BC Government and the Pacheedaht First Nation know that we are aware of their greed at our expense and we won't take it lying down. Research indicates that only the PM can likely do anything at this point, so we're writing him too. 

As this petition grows, I'll make sure it gets sent to the BC Government, Forest Management, and the Pacheedaht First Nation council. 

Please take a minute to help save Eden Grove, and sign this petition?

For more info on BC Forestry mismanagement, please see:

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