Stand for peace in Gurugram, Allow continuation of Juma prayers in peace and harmony

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Appeal for peace and harmony in Gurugram

Recent incidents at various places in Gurugram of hooligans disrupting people offering the Juma Namaz peacefully has shocked and pained many of us.

As a multi faith group of responsible and concerned citizens we appeal to the Gurugram Administration, the Haryana Government, the Central Government and most of all, to each citizen and resident of Gurugram, to stand up for peace and harmony of this millennium city. Gurugram today represents ‘Vasudev Kutumb’, the ancient cultural and social tradition of our country. The pluralistic and inclusive
ethos of people who come from every part of India and many parts of the world, has played a key role in building Gurugram into what it is today.

All across our beloved country, for generations, we have the seen the Friday (Juma) congregational prayers take place around us along with numerous other religious festivals, yatras, jagratas etc. Gurugram is especially reflective of the cosmopolitan and multi-faith spirit. Increasing presence of MNCs from all over the world is a testimony of their confidence in Gurugram, its people, administration, infrastructure and liberal & inclusive growth-oriented future. For instance, Gurugrams’ hospitals receive people from far corners of the world, who come and stay along with relatives, often for months for treatment. While bringing in the economic dividends to the city, they take back warm memories of a pluralistic and peaceful society.

Sarv Dharm Sambhav - Unity in Diversity

Gurugram has a population of almost 5 lac Muslim residents, along with thousands more who are there at any given time for business, jobs or hospital treatments; but only 15-20 Masjids to conduct Juma prayers, an essential part of Islam. This is highly inadequate, as many of our colleagues, workers, friends and neighbours have been performing the Juma prayers in harsh summers and chilly winters, in open
spaces accessible to them. These Juma prayers, which last for hardly an hour, are conducted with the consent & support of the local residents and with administration’s knowledge. Muslims have been appreciative of the facilities extended and have been conducting these prayer services in a responsible way by and large.

We empathise with this need of Muslims, respect and support it, and request Haryana Government and Gurgaon Administration to ensure that this tradition continues. We also appeal to all social and political groups to prevail upon the few people who are instigating communal polarisation in our society.

We believe in ‘Sarva Dharm Sambhava’ or Unity in Diversity and urge you to support this appeal for peace and harmony in Gurugram.

Please endorse with your consent to strengthen the threads of civic morals. Sign to strengthen peace. Sign to save our today and for betterment of our tomorrow. Please sign for the cause.

Yours sincerely,
Gurugram For Peace

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