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Stand Against the Anonymous Right-Wing Attack Machine


The attack against LAANE is consistent with the broader effort to cripple progressive causes and leaders. And as the recent assault on Planned Parenthood reminds us, there are people willing to do almost anything to achieve their aim. We need to send a strong message that secret attacks like these have no place in our democracy.

This petition in support of LAANE is co-sponsored by Alliance for Justice, People for the American Way, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, the Center on Policy Initiatives, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, In the Public Interest, Partnership for Working Families and UNITE HERE. Click here to read an open letter from these and other groups, standing by LAANE and denouncing the anonymous attacks.

Letter to
Right-Wing Attack Machine Anonymous
I just signed the following petition calling on anonymous special interests to step into the light of day.

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) is one of the country’s leading advocates for good jobs and a healthy environment. For more than 18 years, LAANE has helped dozens of organizations across the country enact innovative policies to reduce poverty and pollution.

LAANE is proud of its accomplishments and all the groups and individuals it has partnered with over the years. When you’re proud of your work and who you are, you don’t have any problem saying so publicly. LAANE and its friends have stood up for their work for 18 years, and they’re standing up today.

We’re calling on these anonymous groups to stand up as well. They’re launching a silent attack on LAANE, and they’re refusing to even reveal their identities.

I stand with LAANE against these anonymous right-wing attacks and demand that the shadowy groups orchestrating this campaign step out into the light of day. If they truly believe that what they’re doing is right, they shouldn’t be afraid to stand up like the rest of us.



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