Stand Against TAP Air Portugal Fraud: Demand Improvements & DOT Fines!

Stand Against TAP Air Portugal Fraud: Demand Improvements & DOT Fines!

12 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Evan Jewell

TAP Air Portugal has shown itself to be an incompetent and unethical airline which engages in fraudulent practices, including the following:

  • Over-scheduling flights and then cancelling them due to staffing shortages and shift hour ceilings they already knew existed.
  • Only providing customers with vouchers for cancelled flights, instead of full refunds, contrary to international conventions.
  • Not providing hotel vouchers or accommodation to stranded customers, and then not providing reimbursement for hotels, food or incidentals incurred.
  • Not providing the appropriate staffing levels to prevent, or deal with, delayed or lost baggage, especially at Lisbon International Airport.
  • Checking hand luggage at the gate without giving customers the chance to retrieve valuables; using threats against customers when they refuse to check hand luggage that is within the legal size to be carried onboard; and then subsequently losing the checked hand luggage.
  • Not providing any reimbursement in a timely manner to customers who had to purchase clothing and essentials due to the loss or delay of their baggage.
  • Providing appalling customer service, ranging from general rudeness, customer service representatives hanging up after customers have been on phone hold for hours and, most importantly, not properly providing anti-bias training for their employees, resulting in experiences of racism, misogyny, ableism and xenophobia directed towards TAP customers.

    This is but a small sample of the complaints raised against TAP Air Portugal in the summer of 2022, as gathered from online complaints on Twitter, Facebook and personal experience. However, these types of complaints, including the issues of refunds and racism, extend well back into the pre-2020 years.

    We as customers wronged by TAP Air Portugal therefore call upon CEO Christine Ourmières-Widener to resign and/or the following changes to be made ASAP:
  • Immediate increase in staffing to deal with the backlog of refund requests, reimbursement requests, and lost baggage tracking and delivery.
  • Discontinuation of the fraudulent and illegal practice of forcing vouchers on customers whose flights are cancelled and/or slow-walking of refunds.
  • Anti-bias training for all TAP employees and termination of any employee found to exhibit racist, misogynist, or xenophobic behavior towards its customers.
  • Increase in customer service staff, particularly in the call centers.

Failing this, we call upon the Portuguese authorities to investigate the airline and the European Commission to discontinue any further bailout payments to this airline or the Portuguese government as its majority shareholder.

We also call upon the US Department of Transportation and Secretary Pete Buttigieg to fine TAP Air Portugal and ban the airline from operating in the USA until further notice.

TAP Air Portugal has wronged too many customers in too many ways for it to continue, unnoticed. We, the wronged customers of TAP Air Portugal, demand consumer protection and justice!

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Signatures: 572Next goal: 1,000
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