Refuse R.Kelly entering New Zealand & Cancel his Concert! #muteRKELLY

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R. Kelly, who is under investigation for multiple claims of sexual misconduct, has announced an official New Zealand tour. 

Longstanding allegations against R. Kelly resurfaced in January, when the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly was released.

The series features survivors sharing allegations on the years of sexual coercion, exploitation and physical abuse they endured at the hands of the singer. 

Famous people have rallied to support all victims and to #muteRKELLY! 

Think of what this would mean to all New Zealand Survivors of sexual abuse both men, women, boys and girls if he were allowed to come here? We need to send the message that sexual abuse is NOT OK in this country or any other! That just because your rich and famous we do not accept your behaviour and it will not be tolerated here! Stand beside ALL VICTIMS and SURVIVORS of SEXUAL ABUSE and say we do not want you here! Mute R.Kelly New Zealand does not want you here!

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