VTel President Michel Guite Must Be Held Responsible For Animal Cruelty Act

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On July 22nd, 2018, Vermont Telephone Co. President Michel Guite left his Australian Shepherd Cody in a completely closed car for 90 minutes while he ate dinner at the Stamford Town Center in Stamford CT. When police were called to the scene by a concerned citizen, they arrested Guite on a singe charge of animal cruelty. The police reported that it was 73 degrees outside with 91 percent humidity that night, and according to Lieutenant Nicholas Montagnese, "there was no ventilation [in the car]; it was hot." Guite hopes that the state will drop all charges claiming that "it isn't true that all closed vehicles are necessarily dangerously hot" and that this arrest was due to "one narrow gap in [the responder's] training." By Connecticut state law (which is the same as the law in Vermont where his company is based), "it is illegal to leave a dog confined to a vehicle in conditions that could harm the health or safety of the animal." The law in Connecticut continues to state that "cruelty is defined as anyone who confines an animal and fails to give such animal proper care, or fails to supply any such animal with wholesome air, food, and water." Stamford police reported that there was no water left for Cody. Guite doesn't deny any of the police's findings, instead hopes that the state will dismiss the charges because it was a "well-intentioned error." I do not believe this is okay, a person's authority, financial status, or profession should not protect them from facing the consequences of their actions. Michel Guite should be charged with animal cruelty for knowingly leaving his dog Cody in a sealed-up car for an hour and a half on a hot July evening. There is just no getting around that by Connecticut State Law, he did in fact commit the crime of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition so the Stamford Connecticut Court knows where the people stand. Guite's hearing is on August 21st, 2018.