St. Volodymyr: Remove Nazi Monument from your Cemetery

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On July 17, 2020, multiple Canadian media outlets reported that a Nazi Monument in Oakville was defaced, and that the Halton Police were investigating it as a hate crime.

Someone painted “Nazi war monument” on a stone cenotaph commemorating those who served with the 14th SS Division. The monument is located in Oakville in the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery.

Good news, is that after the news articles were released, the police went back on that statement. 


Regardless, the statue still stands, and people are understandably upset with the fact it remains in their neighbourhood.

This news continues to disgust many Canadians, and have since made their outrage public, especially via social media.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton issued a press release the same day saying it was not within his authority to remove the statue.

That means that we need to petition the owner of St. Volodymyr cemetery to remove it. If neither the City nor the Police have the authority to remove the statue, we have to go to them directly.