The Situation Program

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This petition is to bring awareness to the community  of ST Thomas Ontario Canada Criminal justice system  , Local police dept . City Hall   Crisis units and  drug rnforcement officials.  Canadian mental health  local hospitals and shelters . Probation and parole , family court , and victim's of violence  agencies.  It is known that the need for local agencies and law enforcement  officials  to step up to the plate and  crack down on all drug related criminal matters in  theyre community  . Our sons and daughters  and dear loved ones are falling to their deaths  a tragic end to a epidemic that has taken to many young lives . It is time the residents of your town demand that the need for more local awareness agency's and drug control center are created . Your  town is in ruin this must be talked about  and solved before another young resident loses his or her life .The system looks at addicts as scum no good cant be help better off dead . This is the responssility of the justice system to crack down on the suppliers that  are killing our loved ones stop the insanity enforce your laws make people accountable now  . If you knowingly distribute a chemical that is known to cause serious harm to another individual that can potentially cause them their lives then you are a murderer  you  helped the person come to a tragic end . The Law should be that anyone that sells a drug to another citizen and it ends there life the the judical system must have take severe action  to the supplier . The drug addiction agency  say being an addict is a disease  . That doesnt give the trusted official the right to judge   it gives  you the right to provide awareness  in your situation room for all agencys to come up with a plan garved in stone to allow the families to attend these meetings and share their stories infront of healh officials and law makers j and judges to plead for the lives of loved ones with this drug addiction disease . This is a form of intervention   that must be applied to your community now .  There should be an intervention team qualified to build a dept thay will not hesitate to involve  the community to assist in this process sure it will be painful  yes . BUT IT MIGHT SAVE MY DAUGHTERS LIFE AND OTHERS .THE ONTARIO  MENTAL HOSPITAL IS THE RIGHT PLACE TO BEGIN  AN INTERVENTION  LOCKDOWN FACILITY FOR THE  MENTALLY ILL  AND DRUG ADDICTS  . A FACILITY WHERE FAMILY CAN HAVE THE OPTION TO STAY WITH THEIR LOVED ONES TO SEE THEM THROUGH THIS ILLNESS . A FACILITY WHERE  BRINGING FAMILIES  BACK TOGETHER   IN AN ATTEMPT  TO SAVE  LIVES  . A CONTROLLED FACILITY THAT is PROTECTED AND INVOLVES ALL AGENCYS TO COME TOGETHER AT THE TABLE  TO SAVE LIVES NOT THROUGH THEM OUT IN THE COLD ON THE STREETS THESE PEOPLE  ARE SICK . PLEASE HELP YOUR COMMUNITY'S  BY INSISTING THEY REOPEN THe  OH . HOSPITAL aND MAKE IT AN INTERVENTION FACILITY  NOW  .

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