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We need to show the Archdiocese of Chicago how important St. Thecla Parish is to the alumni, present parishioners and future.  St. Thecla just isn’t a church or a school, it is apart of who we are and who our children are!  The parishioners and student of St. Thecla would truly be heartbroken if our land was decided to be sold for the use of a public school.  


By now everyone knows the news that we are not the "recommended parish" in the renew my church initiative. Thecla school and church will most likely close. As we also know, while it is the probable decision, it is NOT the final decision. We will hear the final decision Friday at 7:00. We have one last chance to possibly affect the decision. After contemplating how best to do this, we decided to do something respectful and peaceful (with no chance of making them angry and not considering our plea). We will be having a vigil in the St. Thecla parking lot this Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm. We will provide the candles. We are also trying to get press coverage (in case anyone knows anyone, please tell them). In order to make a big impact, we need as many people as possible to attend! We all care so much about St. Thecla, but we can't express it if there is not a big crowd! We want to show the arch how important Thecla is to us and this is our last chance. Please attend and tell everyone and anyone you know to attend. Bring your kids, post on FB, text your contacts, we need a big crowd! It's not over til it's over!