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Reinstate Rich Edgar and Lisa Crowe

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It is in our opinion that Rich Edgar and Lisa Crowe are two former employees who represented the ideals that reflect St. Mary's College of Maryland. Lisa Crowe dedicated 37 years of her life, largely in an administrative role, to the St. Mary's community. Rich Edgar had spent the last 25 years of his life working for the college in roles including the Assistant Soccer Coach, Staff Senate President, and Director of Admissions.

Unfortunately both of these outstanding members of the St. Mary's College of Maryland community were let go in what has been a shocking and appalling move to our community. Alumni are outraged that the administration has decided to suddenly "eliminate" their positions. It is the belief of this group that these decisions were mistakes.

This group believes in the ideal that alumni are connected to the college through the bonds they create with not only their peers, but faculty and staff as well. The recent events have weakened this connection and threatens to do further damage as it raises the concern of the job security of other notable members of the faculty and staff.

This is all tied to the direction that the new administration is taking St. Mary's College of Maryland. This institution seems to be undergoing an identity crisis. The college has succeeded in being an affordable alternative to private liberal arts institutions. However, it seems that St. Mary's College of Maryland is more intent on mimicking these institutions rather than being this alternative. What has resulted has been a rise in tension within the community.

One of these tumultuous issues has been the rise in salary for employees deemed necessary to the operation of the college. This was an issue which current students, faculty and staff saw the unfairness at which these increases were distributed. In line with the St. Mary's way, these members peacefully protested against the fact that there were staff members making a salary below the living wage yet there were others that received pay increases.

These pay increases go against the St. Mary's way and this coupled with the recent terminations of Rich Edgar and Lisa Crowe have our group concerned as to the direction this new administration is taking our college. We urge the Board of Trustees to review both of these decisions such that this group has faith in the competency of the decision makers in the future.


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