Please help this Officer keep his partner, family member and best buddy Flash!!

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Officer Beigelbeck has worked for the county for several years, putting his life on the line for his community. He and his K-9 partner Flash are inseparable and Officer Beigelbeck was told a YEAR AGO that when he left the department he could retire Flash who is 6 years old and keep Flash as a family member. Officer Beigelbeck was just recently informed that the dept now wants to put Flash with a different partner so Flash will be taken from Officer Beagle, who is Flash's 2nd handler.

The department has gone back on their word to Officer Beigelbeck and he is going to lose his child/best friend and partner. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Please help us help Officer Mike Beigelbeck keep his Flash!

A more detailed description in the words of Mike's girlfriend Lindsey: "A year ago it was indicated from multiple levels that flash would likely retire when Mike began his new career. Unfortunately we see that this is no longer the case, per the sole decision of the elected Sheriff. Flash will be sitting in a kennel, for the second time in his life, while they ATTEMPT to transfer him to his third handler. This is a difficult transition for any animal, but especially at his age (6 years). With the amount of time it would take for a new handler to bond with the dog, it will be past his years of service. He has been ripped from what he’s spent the last few years were his normal. Rather than spending his remaining years surrounded by Mikes family. A family in which he has grown to love and trust. He has spent the majority of his life coming to trust, love and work with his handler. He wasn’t just Mikes best friend, They had each other’s backs on those streets. That’s a bond that shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is not how they should be treating two of their own. Especially given that they placed their lives on the line almost every night to keep this community safe.

There have been many offers to buy flash which would result in additional donated funds for the county to rebuild the k9 unit. Which is what the county is claiming to do, even though the the current sheriff has just 6 months remaining in his term and had no previous plans in doing so. The Sheriff and Sheriffs office have declined a meeting due to the “upcoming budgeting” season.

Therefore, the petition must be turned in to the St. Joe County Records Office. It’s anticipated that the petition will be delivered by Friday June 15th. Therefore, the petition will soon be coming to a close. However, calling to check in and keep the ball moving will still be needed. The support and encouragement so far has been extraordinary."