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Keep Mr. Zmolek as a Full-time Choir Director

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UPDATE: Mr. Zmolek's position has been restored to full time!

The May 31, 2012 School Budget Committee approved Mr. Zmolek's position restored to full time. We offer an enormous THANK YOU to the many wonderful and amazing people who signed this online petition. What you did made a difference.

Your support and generosity has meant a great deal! It cannot be stressed enough - THANK YOU - for helping save our choir program.

We are most grateful to the Budget Committee and our supporters. We could NOT have done it without your support.

A note from our Choir Director Mr. Kevin Zmolek:
“Your support means so much! It just goes to show that if enough people stand up and speak out, change can happen. I am so fortunate to have caring parents and students and work in a community that values music education…The outpouring of support and generosity has been inspiring, motivational, and extremely uplifting…I want to extend our most sincere and humble THANK YOU.”


It has come to our attention that our beloved choir director, Mr. Kevin Zmolek, has been targeted as being expendable by the 2012-2013 Budget Committee; whereby his position as St. Helens Choir Director would be cut to .875, which is one hour of instruction per day. Mr. Zmolek, the students and the community CANNOT afford this cut!

Mr. Zmolek currently teaches four different choirs that consist of 6th grade through 12th grade. One class he diligently and faithfully commits to before-school hours to those dedicated students in SoundFX, the Varsity of our choral program . Under Mr. Zmolek’s direction, the School's choir program has received the following awards/accolades and student achievements:

• A Cappella Choir qualifying for OSAA State Choir Contest 3 years in a row
• A Cappella Choir receiving an American Choral Directors Association Gold Award 3 years in a row (for superior performance at ACDA event)
• Concert Choir also receiving an ACDA Gold Award for the first time in recent history
• SoundFX being chosen as finalist at 2012
• A Cappella in Albany Festival and receiving the Deportment Award.

Student Achievements in the last 8 years include;

• 3 students selected to participate in Oregon All-State Choir
• 4 students participating in and placing/winning division at OMEA District 3 Solo and Ensemble
• 3 students qualifying for State Solo contest
• 1 student winning 1st place at State Contest

Each year from 2004 to 2012 – St. Helens High School sends multiple participants to OMEA District 3 Honor Choir 2-4 students to Music in May Honor Choir at Pacific University.

Not only is Mr. Kevin Zmolek a great asset to our school and community, he is also a parent with a family in this struggling economy. Reducing Mr. Zmolek 's schedule to .875 would require him to seek additional employment just to make ends meet; putting much stress and pressure on a man who has essentially built and strengthened the music program in the St. Helens School District.. By asking Mr. Zmolek to cut his hours, the school will most likely lose him as a teacher entirely. We are a 5A District and could not possibly keep the level of excellence in the Choir Program that he has carefully developed and maintained over the years. If he left it would not only set back the choir program for years, it would change the school entirely. Mr. Zmolek’s absence would be a precursor to the Choir Program being cut completely in a few years. Our students and community cannot afford such a loss.

Mr. Kevin Zmolek is a dedicated teacher who truly loves sharing the gift of music and his passion is reflected in his students. This man and the things he has done have been an inspiration to the youth and the community. He teaches more than just how to sing; he teaches core values, instills confidence and self-esteem, encourages self-discipline, develops interpersonal skills and the power of teamwork.

As students and as members of the community, we can fully appreciate the budget stresses we all are facing in these tough and difficult economic times. However, we, the undersigned, believe that more time and consideration of this decision could bring more suitable options into the budget cut decision-making. Without Mr. Zmolek, all the years of work put into the Choir Program will be lost.

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