Change the extreme St Dominic's College ball dress rules

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Change the extreme St Dominic's College ball dress rules

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The students are furious the principal, Mrs Carol Coddington, has denied such rules existed. They are happy the rules have changed but have lost all respect for their College as this was achieved through lying to the media and in a letter written to parents. The rules were true, heavily restricting and more than just 'one girl' has had her dress denied. The principal has had no involvement in the rules until yesterday when the media took over. Perhaps she should communicate to her staff better about what they actually tell students. Because the 200 girls who attended the assembly will all confirm these rules were enforced with NO exceptions. This is not a 'mislead' petition as it is claimed. It's interesting the school motto is Veritas (Latin for Truth) yet lies have been delivered as a cover up...

UPDATE: It sounds like the rules have now been abolished. Every rule listed was 100% correct. The principal told Seven Sharp that these rules are not true and did not exist in the first place but told other media outlets that they were delivered at an assembly. The students are frustrated that the rules stated in this petition are being claimed as 'not true' and 'misunderstood' to the media. And not once in this petition has it been said that girls should be allowed to wear a dress with a 'plunging neckline' - which has been the main argument against this petition without any basis.

It was stated to the girls that they are not allowed to show any cleavage whatsoever during the assembly and this is what I disputed (although this rule apparently doesn't exist anymore since this afternoon). I have not misunderstood the rules. Regardless, it sounds like the rules have been abolished and are no longer strictly in place. I respect that the school has decided to let go of these rules. Thank you all for the support! Scroll down to read our update and response to the principal.

Long story short, she has changed the entire nature of these rules and although she contradicts herself and the rules, they are less severe (this was not the case in the first place as they were heavily enforced and very restricting until today when they were 'clarified'). Also, the power of social media activism is not dangerous, but body shaming and victim blaming are, and cases like this is how they can start. This petition was not created by a current Year 12 or 13 St Dominic's College student.

EDIT: Please keep comments civil and not personal, otherwise they will be deleted. The aim is to make this a mature petition for change, thank you!

St Dominic's College have implemented new rules for the 2016 ball and what the senior girls can wear. These rules are shocking, sexist and extremely outdated.

The new rules include:

1. A split on the dress can only be up to the knee

2. The back of the dress cannot go below the armpit

3. There must be no cleavage AT ALL

4. You cannot take off your shoes no matter how sore your feet get

5. You must be in a serious relationship in order to bring a ball date

We understand that some dresses can look inappropriate but this is taking it too far. The reasoning behind these restrictions are that they are a Catholic school who maintain high standards. These rules have never been enforced before. They deserved a warning and to be told of the issue (which has never existed at the College until now) before these strict rules were made. Girls who have already purchased dresses (as many have and the rules only came out a month and a half before the ball date) have been told they can show a picture to the associate principal in order to get it approved - many of which have been told are 'too exposed' for showing too much back or cleavage and have therefore wasted their money.

The rules stated above are extreme. Since when has a girls' back caused such outrage for being 'too exposed'. This is sexualising a girls' body and sending the message that they must be covered up and feel ashamed of showing skin. Girls at this age (16 - 18) do have breasts and the fact that they must be completely covered is outdated and shameful on the College's behalf. Girls have backs, legs and breasts. All of which can be shown to an extent that is classy and elegant. 

Please sign this petition to show you are against these rules and that sexist clothing boundaries it places on young women. If the reasoning is that it is too sexual and showcases a low standard of women then I believe the school should be questioning why society and young men would be offended by an exposed back, some leg and a tiny bit of cleavage - all of which can be seen anywhere. We encourage parents to email the school about this too.

Please note the photo of the mint dress is one of the many dresses that have been told are 'too exposed' and banned from the ball.

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This petition had 6,631 supporters

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