Demand accountability from SDCA! #DoBetterSDCA

Demand accountability from SDCA! #DoBetterSDCA

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Started by SDCA Alumni

On February 8, 2022, students from the Senior High School department of St. Dominic College of Asia called out a group of students who have been exposed into participating in malicious activities such as harassment, sexual assault, and sending disturbing statements to their friends/batchmates, especially about the female students.

The administrators of SDCA Senior High School department, instead of taking appropriate disciplinary measures against the group of students, asked the victims and concerned students to remove their posts on social media, even threatening disciplinary actions against the author of the original post.

As the Dominican community is expected to adhere with the spirit of Service, Dynamism, Competence, and Accountability, it is troubling to see that the administrators themselves are trying to avoid accountability by deflecting the issue from the accused to the victims; all in the name of reputation.

With this, the members of the Dominican community, alumni and current, affirm our call to the appropriate government agencies to demand accountability and action to the administrators of SDCA regarding this issue. We, as students, are disturbed by the lengths of the administration to suppress the rights and duties of the students to call out the injustice, violence, and blatant harassment done inside our community.

We reiterate our call; SDCA, Do better. We demand accountability and action now! #DoBetterSDCA #LetThemSpeak

2,538 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!