Protect species at risk within Lambton County Heritage Forest

Protect species at risk within Lambton County Heritage Forest

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Started by Matt Parsons

Dear citizens,

This petition is in regards to a proposed logging operation in the Lambton County Heritage Forest in North Lambton County. This operation is under the direction of Lambton County, using the St. Clair region conservation authority as the project manager. 

The logging operation, as proposed, will remove many very large, mature oak, tulip tree and other broadleaf trees that now provide the site with a closed canopy with supercanopy trees intact. The removal of these trees will drastically alter the current ecosystem - an ecosystem (within the proposed logging footprint) that currently supports at least three pairs of Acadian Flycatcher (fledged young recorded this year) and two territories of Cerulean Warbler as well as territories of Hooded Warbler. This ecosystem also supports the threatened Eastern Hog-nosed Snake which has been seen directly on the path of the proposed logging operation in 2020. These logging operations will destroy the habitat now used by endangered and species at risk, resulting in the loss of these breeding populations for generations.

With a population estimate between 15 and 20 pairs of Acadian flycatcher, Lambton County Heritage forest is Ontario’s stronghold for this endangered breeding species and, as a result, represents the province's best remaining woodland for maintaining the health and viability of this species in Ontario.

This petition asks for the protection of endangered species and their habitats within the Lambton County Heritage Forest, especially where logging operations will threaten those populations. Further, this petition asks for a halt of the proposed logging operations until all of the potential ramifications for endangered species present have been properly vetted and evaluated by nonpartisan experts.

4,949 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!