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Phil Immordino plans to bring his "Running of the Bulls" event to St. Augustine, and city officials are considering the event for the city's 450th anniversary celebration. Some cruel and dangerous traditions don't belong in the 21st century. The running of the bulls forces terrified and injured animals to run through the streets, leaving both bulls and humans injured. Immordino's recent event in Arizona left eight people injured. The bulls unlike the human runners, are not given any choice to participate and these events are often their last "run."

Please tell the City of St. Augustine not to host this cruel event. Let's celebrate this beautiful and historic city's anniversary with compassion.

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St. Augustine City Commission
St. Augustine Mayor Joseph L. Boles
St. Augustine Vice Mayor Leanna Freeman
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St. Augustine City Commissioner Errol D. Jones
St. Augustine City Commissioner Nancy Sikes-Kline
St. Augustine City Commissioner William Leary
The "Running of the Bulls" is a cruel and dangerous tradition, in which bulls and humans are left injured or dead. Bulls have no choice but to run through the streets after they are terrified and injured, and this is often their last "run" with some ending up dying a painful and frightening death.

Please do not let Phil Immordino bring his "Running of the Bulls" event to St. Augustine. His most recent event in Arizona resulted in injuries for eight people, and there is no regard for the safety and well-being of the bulls.

The beautiful and historic city of St. Augustine deserves a compassionate celebration of its 450th anniversary. We Florida residents are happy to celebrate with you, but will not participate in cruelty to animals. Thank you in advance for choosing to celebrate without a cruel and dangerous event.

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