To Resume The Original Statue Blessing of St. Anthony (Dornahalli), KR Nagar, Karnataka.

To Resume The Original Statue Blessing of St. Anthony (Dornahalli), KR Nagar, Karnataka.

3 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

MDCCA - Mysore Division Catholic Christian Association has initiated this Signature Campaign to ensure that the Original Statue of St. Anthony (found by a Farmer while Ploughing the field) Should be used to Bless the Faithful while Visiting the Basilica.

We aim to take this Petition/Campaign to the notice of Pope Francis (Vatican city, Europe).

The Problem:

The historical Blessing using the Miraculous Statue was cancelled for the last two consecutive years due to the pandemic and has not yet resumed in 2022. The Faithful who visit the Basilica from far and wide with an expectation to receive the Blessing from the Miraculous Statue are returning with disappointment. This problem was brought to the notice of Team MDCCA and we officially approached the Parish Priest with a formal request letter and also released a Petition video on Youtube but they have Failed to Respond to our Request. Hence we decided to start an Online Campaign so that our voice reaches the Holy Father with the Support of the faithful's Worldwide.

The Importance:

Thousands of devotees visit the Shrine of St. Anthony in Dornahalli, to seek the Blessings of the Wonder Worker and The Patron of Lost Things.  It is believed that the statue is known to have miraculous powers. People believe that Satan flees at the sight of St. Anthony. Lost things are Found, Sickness is Healed, Peace and Harmony is Restored into the Families and many other great favours are received when people visit this Holy Place and the Original Statue is placed on the head.

The History of St. Anthony's Basilica, Dornahalli:

St. Anthony's Basilica in Dornahalli, Karnataka is a Catholic shrine dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua.

Around 200 years ago, a farmer ploughing his field in Dornahalli unearthed a Wooden statue of St. Anthony of Padua. the farmer built a small place of worship in honour of the saint and later a large Church was built at the site.

Pope Francis granted the title of Minor Basilica to the shrine through a decree dated 17 October 2019.

Team MDCCA Requests each of you to show your support by Signing and Sharing this extremely important Petition. Add your voice to this growing Petition. Let us Be Heard.

May St. Anthony bless each of you who Sign this Petition.


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Signatures: 136Next Goal: 200
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