Make Redbourn Road Safe!

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18 Lives Lost & Still No Change! [VIDEO]

My mum is Gillian Williams, she was killed whilst driving home along Redbourn Road (A5183) on 10th October 2019.

Countless lives have been destroyed on this road yet hardly anything has been done by the council to prevent this happening again. Please take a moment to sign this petition to encourage Hertfordshire County Council Highways to put road users safety first. Installing speed cameras and street lights can save lives! 

What's Wrong With The Road?

The road is fairly straight with a couple of sudden bends that aren't easy to spot at night. There are a few street lights leading up to The Prae Wood Arms, but 95% of Redbourn Road is left in absolute darkness. 

Poor drainage has also lead to flooding over the years and caused multiple serious crashes. Both of these issues paired with no speed camera's to prevent drivers from speeding, is a recipe for disaster. 

Do Speed Cameras Help?

Yes a four-year national evaluation of more than 4,000 speed camera sites across the UK found a 70% reduction in speeding at fixed sites and a 42% reduction in deaths and serious injuries.

How Can The Council Improve Visabilty?

Hertfordshire County Council can install LED street lights which are 60% more energy efficient than traditional ones. They also last up to 100,000 hours resulting in low matainance and have been fitted in shields which prevent light shining into nearby properties.