Stop Sherriff from allowing men who killed family pets to work with animals as punishment

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Two males at a party in Banffshire, Scotland caused destruction not only to the property of the owners home but also killed their 2 pet geckos by dropping one and putting the other one in a blender causing the owner to come home to a blood soaked kitchen. The deciding sherriff has advised if the two males aged 18 and 20 can get the support of the SSPCA and get to work with animals he will not give them a sentence of detention. Let's stop animal murderers from getting away with crime and ever being allowed near an animal again. Please sign this petition and pass it onto everyone you know so we can make changes to the law.

Thank you so much to everyone who has added their name so far. I would like to add as of 13/7/17 I have spoken to The SSPCA head office and they have placed a message on their website saying that they would not allow these men to volunteer for them. I will keep you updated if they provide any further information. So what we now need is for this petition to continue and go to the Scottish Courts so that no authoritative law maker will allow anyone who abuses or kills animals to be allowed near animals again. Other countries ban persons from owning animals for life and giving fines or other sentencing, this should be the same in Scotland. Our animals are just as important.