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Tighten Up The Welfare Act For Working Dogs

Target: SSPCA & Scottish Parliament

Sponsored by: SK Canine with Silvia Kucinski & Kucinski Wildlife Foundation


In the Code of Practice of the Welfare of Dogs there is no distinction between domestic dogs and working dogs - why are they therefore treated differently?

There have been cases where a number of working dogs have been failed by the Welfare Act and it would appear that they are being looked at differently by the SSPCA.

In fact the SSPCA, in dealing with a certain complaint regarding working border collies, stated that they would consult a 'working dog specialist'.

Why is that necessary if they all go under one umbrella?

The outcome of this consultation was that the case was considered 'borderline'.

The dogs in question (see below) belong to a shepherd who has been and still is a judge on the International SheepTrial panel.

Also, a local vet seems to think that it is ok to keep dogs in a kennel without a roof and open to the prevailing northerly winds.

"Bedding" is a word which does not seem to be in the vocabulary of the shepherd, never mind having the understanding to supply water at all times and food which is designed to give a working dog enough nutrition to keep him fit and healthy to do his hard job.

How can that be condoned?

To see photos please go to:

Section 1: The need for a suitable environment.

Section 2: The need for a suitable diet.

Section 3: The need to be able to exhibit normal behaviour patterns.

Section 5: The need to be protected from suffering injury and disease.

We propose that working dogs (any) should be micro-chipped and checked at least annually by a veterianrian, in order to meet the requirements set out in the Welfare Act.

These dogs are used to keep a business running and to make profits, so legally they should be insured and licensed, this is also something which should be taken into consideration and we would like to address this.

In short the SSPCA should not be the only organisation which decides who lives or dies so to speak, there is vast room for further additional voluntary associations to take over the role of monitaring, as the SSPCAs problem seems to be one of lack of staff.  

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