One more Death due to our education system

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Students committing suicides are the most common news we’ve been hearing from a long time now, but how many of you people have actually made an effort to know what actually happened there other than what the news papers or media claims? Yah! ‘cause it is none of your business, right?
Today it happened to be my business because it was a friend of mine who lost his life because of the pressure put by our education system.
He was caught cheating in an examination in November, it’s been 2 months and he commits suicide now?
What actually happened is he was caught cheating in examinations , he accepted being guilty and planned on attempting the withheld exams in the coming semester but the HOD denied his request and humiliated him in the process of informing his parents about his exams in November.
His parents who don’t know how exactly colleges and education works thought that he spoiled his whole education and career and pressured him.
This pressure got unbearable for him and made him commit suicide by jumping off a 4 floor building in college on Monday. The last call he made was to his very close friend and said that he wanted to quit and he quit life altogether.