Change the grading system of SRM 2015 Regulation

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If you have joined SRM Institute of Science and Technology in 2015 or later, you would know that
our grading system was changed in 2015. Naturally, most of us weren’t aware of this change when
we joined. When we came to this university, we expected to get placed in a good company or go for
higher studies in a reputed university after 4 years. Unfortunately, our beloved university doesn’t
seem to care about our futures and careers as indicated by the change in regulations in 2015 from
the 2013 regulations. The regulation was probably changed as they wanted to reduce the no. of
students sitting in placements so they get a better placement percentage. If 700 sit in placements
and 400 are selected, they’ll only have a placement percentage of around 57%. But if only 500
]qualify for placements and 400 get selected, then the percentage increases to 80%. This way they
can sell this percentage in newspapers, magazines and on social media to attract students. They’ve
already increased the no. of seats in most branches since 2015 and they’ll keep doing it as is evident
by their construction of more campuses and expanding their current campuses. This university has
become just a money-making business and no attention is paid to the education and the future of
the students.
They don’t want to decrease the no. of admissions per year and simultaneously it is not possible for
them to get all the students placed on campus, so they’ve invented this system to put the blame on
us when ultimately we don’t get placed. They’ll say that it was our fault that we couldn’t even clear
the eligibility criteria for campus placements. Off-campus placement would be nigh impossible since
no company would consider applicants with such low scores. In a nutshell, they’re extorting money
from you and exploiting your life without a slight care in the world. If you can’t grasp the absurdity of this, let me give you a simple example. If you
aggregate 84/100 at the end of the semester, you’d have gotten 9 GP by the 2013 regulations. Now
the same amount of marks will get you only 7 GP. So, you study hard to aggregate 84/100 all
semester and they give you a 7 GP out of a maximum 10. And students from other universities will
get 7 GP even when they get 60/100. So, when you sit for placements or give your documents to
universities for MS programs, they’ll evaluate you according to the prevalent grading system that is
in most universities in India, not according to this unique system. The funny thing here is that SRM
writes in the regulations that this is the grading system recommended by the UGC, which is
absolutely false. 

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