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Save young lives-Revoke license of medical colleges like SRMS-Bareilly- Student’s Coffin

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My daughter Ms. Ananya Dixit (age 17) secured admission in Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences (SRMS-IMS) Bareilly for MBBS after clearing NEET-2017 in first attempt. She joined the Medical College on 27/08/2017 where the hostel room number 04 was allotted to her and I came back on 28/08/2017. We were all excited as a family about her successful enrolment in MBBS, her preferred career choice, and Ananya was in cheerful mood, good mental state and healthy at the time of joining MBBS course at SRMS-IMS. On 1st September’17, we brought our daughter Ananya home in Noida for a short holiday with due permission from Principal, SRMS-IMS. Anaya was dropped back on the evening of 3rd September’17 in a very healthy condition and cheerful mood at the hostel by us. Within three days on 06/09/2017 while inquiring on message from a well-wisher about her, we were informed about Ananya having committed suicide, we rushed to the medical college in Bareilly and were handed over her body in presence of the police and college authorities. Although this death is being reported as a suicide by the college administration, the facts indicate possibility of the murder or death caused by negligence and suspicious action of college administration. Even if it is suicide, it occurred in very suspicious situation and surely the supreme authority of the college administration appears to be criminally liable for the mishap. Further, college administration informed us that Ananya Dixit went to the hostel at 7.45 AM before the first class on 06.09.2017 after complaining of headache. College administration neither bothered to provide any medical or assistance to help her reach her hostel safely nor did they informed us about her condition.

No proof, witness or evidence have been shown to us to verify my daughter’s movement in the campus premises, academic or hostel area.  We were not convinced about the causes mentioned and sequence of events as explained to us and hence decided to find the facts ourselves. We were shocked to find some serious lapses which are gross abuse to human rights and is extremely grave considering that such irregularities and callous outlook has resulted in loss of several young and promising lives inside a medical college and hospital premises. We are bringing these facts to your notice to ensure that such practices in the garb of education with sole selfish motive of minting money is immediately stopped and further loss of lives is prevented.

The insensitiveness of college authorities is evident from their statement in the ABP news where they mentioned how many lakh students commit suicide every month. Link -

Further, first year students are confined in their hostel in the name of avoiding ragging, forced to trim their hairs, girl’s hair with two plates, no sport, no entertainment or any other extracurricular activities is permitted. In fact the campus for fresher’s is converted into jail like confinement, which is severe violation to human rights and un-necessarily adds to the stress levels of young students who have freshly started their new academic journey.

The foremost important fact to be brought to your notice is the history of such incidents at this institution where six young lives are lost in the span of six years all by hanging and three of them are MBBS students of SRMS-IMS, in last three years. These three incidents have happened under similar circumstances pointing towards lack of controls and systems at the institution which are basic conditions laid down under the requirement to run a Medical College. In July 2011, Ms. Ankita Singhal (Ghaziabad), in year 2015, Ms. Priyanka Singh (Bhiwani, Haryana) and in 2016, Mr. Yash Kumar Khatwani (Bareilly) reportedly committed suicide inside their hostels. Four young and brilliant children losing their lives is not natural in any way and this entire incident shows the need for a thorough scrutiny and review of license to run the medical college to avoid further loss of young budding lives and pain to more parents like us.

We took initiative to speak to other parents and found that during all other cases the conduct of SRMS-IMS, BAREILLY authorities had been similar pointing towards lack of security & control procedures, attendance monitoring, lack of care for hostel inmates, insensitive attitude of staff and authorities, no apathy towards parents who trust them while admitting their precious treasures here. The college authorities tried to tamper with the evidence, stalled proper investigation by police, influenced media to release specific news in all three cases.

The fact that my daughter was allowed to go back to her hostel room un-escorted and without any medical attention in either academic area or hostel and was inside her room un-attended for hours without the knowledge of warden, points at serious lapses and slackness in security and monitoring procedures. This negligence gains seriousness considering that only a week old fresher, who is totally new to the campus and its protocol is exposed to all kinds hostility including ragging. It is obvious that they do not have system to control and monitor absence from class, safe stay at hostel and movement in the campus premises.

There are seemingly no standard operating procedures to monitor attendances, absence from the class with reasons thereof and coming back or staying at the hostel instead of going to class. Additionally the SOPs for flow of information to all concerned including parents, enabling them to intervene or atleast remain informed, and ensuring proper care and safety of students does not exist. Overall warden and teachers along with administration did not seem to be worried about students health, attendance in classes, presence or absence from hostels, visitors in the hostel & academic area and keeping parents informed. Ironically our daughter Ananya neither got safety nor medical attention which definitely would have saved her life. This is the state of affairs at SRMS-IMS which claims to be 950 bed hospital managing 2000 patients daily.

All similar institutions enrol young children who step out of their homes for the first time and have some level of vulnerability as a result. My daughter 17 years Ananya similar to other new joiners between 17-19 years of age enter in an unfamiliar environment which is expected to provide necessary care. We have personally witnessed certain private coaching centres besides other colleges which provide online systems for live attendance monitoring and SMS based real time incident reporting to parents. We firmly believe that denial of such facilities amounts to human rights abuse as well as juvenile injustice and threat to their lives.

The fact that this happened with our ward within few days after she was left at SRMS-IMS is a testimony in itself clearly pointing towards some kind of atrocities leading to pain or anger and resulting in untimely end of four young lives in so quickly.  My daughter may have gone through extremely unkind, unsocial and abusive behaviour of seniors during ragging or some hostility by staff in the campus. She belongs to a highly cultured family, it is therefore quite possible that she came under mental stress and decided to end her life at such a young age due to one or several incidents that took place during the ragging or actually accidently / intentionally killed and later hanged in her room. As per mandatory guidelines of Medical Council of India regarding Anti Ragging policy, Institution has to do effective campaign on zero tolerance towards ragging by means of posters, leaflets and booklet. Additionally every new joinee shall be provided with a booklet containing information about important contacts in college administration to be contacted if faced with ragging. It goes on further to mention that round the clock vigil of hostel premise is mandatory especially during lean & odd hours such as late night or academic hours to observe any ragging related incident. However we are aghast at the negligence where none of this was done at the hostel / campus premise. At this day and age, it is surprising that institution did not have effective anti-ragging measures in place other than taking affidavits / undertaking from new students and their parents during admission.

While I along with other two parents have lost our single child, we have resolved to ensure that it does not happen with other parents. It is utter abuse of human values and gross violation of minimum eligibility required to qualify for becoming a medical college. Such an institution therefore shall not be allowed to continue and their licence shall be revoked. Further all concerned people and systems shall be thoroughly investigated and tried to ensure justice to all victims, including our ward, during last few years (please see the attached news clip). However we would also want that current students career should not be compromised and care should be taken to re-instate their education in alternate colleges.

FIR has been lodged against SRMS-IMS, Bareilly highlighting following lapses:

1)     No protection from ragging

2)     No security to new students from seniors, staff or strangers

3)     Absence of CCTV or tempering when demanded

4)     Tempering with critical evidence required to investigate a murder / suicide kind of serious crime.

5)     Movement in and out of hostel not recorded / provided

6)     Confining the students in hostel with no extracurricular activity to de-stress /enjoy

7)     No SOP for seamless flow of even such a critical information regarding health and safety of students to Parents and concerned authorities.

8)     No medical attention, care or assistance to unwell students.

9)     SMRS is not able to explain all deaths by hanging, breaking the door and tempering the evidences.

10)  Police or parents never found any suicide note or text by deceased in all these cases

We request you to investigate and re-evaluate license to SRMS-IMS, Bareilly and consider withdrawal of approval to run any professional UG or PG course.

Kind Regards!


Anadi Dixit

F/o Ananya Dixit, First year MBBS student of SRMS-IMS, Barielly

267 GAIL Apartment Sector-62, Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida) UP

M- 9810689471

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