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Stop Slaughterhouse(funded 60% by Central & 40% by State govt) @ Sri Navadwip Dham

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The TMC, ruling party of government of Westbengal is financing 40% the cost to build a fully modernized slaughterhouse in the heart of the holy lands of India.

"...approved by the Centre in 2014 and for which Rs 15 lakh or 10% of the promised 60% central funds have already been disbursed.."

Sri Navadvip Dham is part of the 9 islands that is worshipped and revered by millions of devotees around the world and also by thousands of saints who reside in and around the place.
These are the holy lands of Lord Chaitanya, who is an incarnation of Lord Krishna and preached all over India. This region of west bengal has a high concentration of saints, temples and holy places.
Inspite of this, the westbengal govt has decided to build a slaughterhouse in Navadvip.

On one hand the Prime Minister of India and crores of citizens are worried about the increasing pollution of river Ganges, but here they are ready to open a slaughterhouse on the holy banks of Ganges.
Please spread this information as much as possible and create awareness among millions of devotees who care about Mayapur and Navadwip Dham.
Hare krishna.

On behalf of all the devotees and wellwishers of SriNavadwip Dham
Govinda Malakar
(Guru Govinda Kripa Das)

Updates: Aug 8, 2017
NABADWIP: The Nabadwip municipality on Monday refused to shelve a Rs 1.5-crore project to build an abattoir in a 10-cottah plot on Manipur Road in the face of opposition from BJP and religious heads.
The fate of the project, approved by the Centre in 2014 and for which Rs 15 lakh or 10% of the promised 60% central funds have already been disbursed, became uncertain after state minister Ujjal Biswas reportedly suggested at a meeting of local religious heads a day before in Mayapur that a wholesale vegetable market could be built at the same spot.
However, the municipality and the local Trinamool MLA are refusing to buckle in, saying the abattoir is being built only to stop open slaughter of animals on Nabadwip streets.

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