Make "Final Fantasy XV: Complete Edition" for Sony Playstation 5

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When Hajime Tabata made his departure from the company, Square Enix decided to halt production on three of the four planned DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV in 2019. This is a show of irresponsibility that cannot be allowed, especially after Tabata had already claimed to want to make it up to the fans for FFXV's narrative problems and tie up loose ends in it's story. Square-Enix can't just get our hopes up and crush them into pieces like that! However, now with the announcement of the DLC's stories coming in novel format, and the Playstation 5 hitting shelves on Holiday 2020, there is hope!


Considering how Square Enix just released Final Fantasy XV on the Google Stadia, with new exclusive features, I think they should preemptively start working on a Plasytation 5 version, which would include all the cancelled DLC, among other new things. I wanted to get together a team to produce a fan film covering material from the companion novel, -The Dawn of the Future-, as the next best thing, but thinking about the PS5's potential to support an upgraded Luminous Engine (likely 2.5 or 3.0), the continued sales of the game, and the possibility of Hajime Tabata still being able to work with Square Enix on more of a freelance capacity as a creative consultant/supervisor, I believe the company can final fulfill it's promise for a more satisfactory FFXV experience, and the closure we all deserve in it's proper form. Reality is only harsh and disappointing if we do nothing to change it for the better.

Personal story
I am a long-time Final Fantasy fan acting on the interests of my fellow fans. I also wrote a fan fiction story about Final Fantasy and Bionicle that I hope Tetsuya Nomura will be impressed with, if he can take the time to read it, and and allow me to put my story writing skills to use for Square Enix's benefit. It's called Bionic Fantasy.