Make "Verum Final Fantasy XV" for Sony Playstation 5

Make "Verum Final Fantasy XV" for Sony Playstation 5

November 9, 2018
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shareef Haddad


When Hajime Tabata made his departure from the company, Square Enix decided to halt production on three of the four planned DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV in 2019. This is a show of irresponsibility that many fans could not accept, especially after Tabata had already claimed to want to make it up to the fans for FFXV's narrative problems and tie up loose ends in it's story. Square-Enix can't just get our hopes up and crush them into pieces like that! 



For the past few years, the purpose of this petition was to convince Square Enix to make a PlayStation 5 port of FFXV with the cancelled DLC restored. I had also considered assembling a team to produce a fan film covering material from the companion novel, -The Dawn of the Future-, as the next best thing. Sadly neither plan has come to fruition as of late.

But now, in light of the newly released Final Fantasy XVI's success, I believe that Square Enix should instead develop a brand new standalone video game adaptation of the aforementioned novel for the PlayStation 5, utilizing assets and combining certain gameplay mechanics from both FFXV and FFXVI. It will not only expand and improve upon that novel's narrative, but it should also have a playable scenario retelling the story of the "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" movie meant to promote and complement the game. There are to be five playable characters with their own gameplay styles and their own individual story campaigns to make up this new game:

  • Episode Ardyn REMAKE
  • Episode Nyx: playable retelling of the Kingsglaive FFXV film.
  • Episode Aranea
  • Episode Luna
  • Final Episode: The final story scenario, unlocked after finishing the other four. It is mainly Noctis whom the player will control during this mode.

I would gladly aid in the production of this game by way of script writing, narrative design, providing voice-overs, or in any other way I can. This is about holding people responsible, and having Square Enix reconciling their corporate culture and values with the good name it is meant to have with the fandom; with video game lovers in general. If this works, then Square Enix can finally fulfill it's promise for a more satisfactory FFXV experience, and delivering the closure we all deserve in it's proper form. Reality is only harsh and disappointing if we do nothing to change it for the better.


“Verum” means “true” in Latin. Therefore the game’s name is coined with Shin Ultraman or Shin Godzilla in mind, as “Shin” (真) means “true” in Japanese.


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Signatures: 3,166Next Goal: 5,000
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