Square-Enix: Please let Nintendo put Geno in a Smash Bros. game!

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You've played Super Mario RPG. It enthralled you and drew you into its little world. You've spent 17 long years crying and cutting yourselves, wondering when Geno, Mallow and the rest of the SMRPG crew would be in a game again. You were disappointed when Geno didn't make it into Brawl. BUT FEAR NOT! There is still hope of seeing Geno and other SMRPG stuff in a game again!

Our best chance of seeing SMRPG representation in future games is if Geno is put into a Super Smash Bros. game. The only thing holding Geno back from appearing in a Smash game is his third-party status. The people who own the copyrights to Geno, Mallow, and almost everything else from Super Mario RPG is Square-Enix. So they're the ones we have to appeal to. And we're gonna do just that!

Super Mario RPG was one of the most popular RPGS for the SNES and is one of the most-downloaded games on the Wii Virtual Console. Geno was and is the most popular character from that game with a huge cult following that grows to this day. Geno was one of the top-five most requested characters in Masahiro Sakurai's original poll for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was the most powerful character in Super Mario RPG and his unique character and moveset makes him a perfect candidate for a Smash fighter. There is literally no reason why he wouldn't fit.

What's more, Square-Enix and Nintendo have buried the hatchet and are working together on games again. That means there's hope, and if we all stick together, we can see our favorite characters in games again, especially Geno in Smash. And that'd be awesome.

The only way Square is gonna consider giving Nintendo permission to use Geno again is if they see there's support for his inclusion. Every signature gets us a little closer to getting over the legal hurdles that have kept Geno and the rest of the SMRPG crew locked away gathering dust!

Let's ring the battle cry out loud and let Square know we want them to get Geno in a Smash game!

Use the hashtag #Geno4Smash and spread the word on Twitter!

Tweet Masahiro Sakurai at @Sora_Sakurai and let him know you want Geno in Smash!

Also tweet @Square_Enix and tell them you want them to let Nintendo use Geno in Smash!

Get campaign information and updates at the Smashboards forum Geno thread:

Also Square has a new CEO for North America! His name is Phil Rogers. He's really cool and is taking fan suggestions. Email him at:  and tell him to get Square to get Geno in Smash!

All signatures of this petition will be sent to this guy too! The petition will also be tweeted to Masahiro Sakurai along with other prominent Square developers that have clout when we get enough signatures. 

Let's get this show on the road!

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