Open the Nosgoth servers again, or let the players host their own servers!

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I want the servers for the game Nosgoth to be opened again, for the game to be re-released and to let players host their own servers.

Hell, even just one of those things would be great.

Nosgoth was one of the few great games out there where skill and experience were key components to winning. It required tactical decisions and communication.

Now, as the servers have been shut down the most likely thing that will happen is that the Nosgoth community will come back to the game to help it flourish again.

Nosgoth personally was one of my favorite games of 2014-2016 and i believe that alot of people will agree with me there.

So i wanna get the word out to the developers and hope that they do something about it.

If you're interested in reading more then check out my Imgur post. I made  a more detailed post there about it.

Thank you