Make Square Enix Approve the Tomb Raider Remasters (1-3) from Realtech.

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Tomb Raider (1-3) Remasters should have been released in the following months to Steam for FREE through the workshop for everyone that owned the original Tomb Raider games, along with Tomb Raider 3 Port for iOS. 

After Realtech showed off the demo to Square Enix, according to them the Demo was not interesting hence they ordered Realtech to seize the whole project. Realtech since has removed every trace of the Tomb Raider Remaster projects from their social and media accounts like Youtube and Twitter. And they announced on twitter:

"We've received an official letter from Square Enix. TR3 Mobile, and PC ports is cancelled. The demos we've sent were not good, interesting enough for them. All our Youtube videos have been taken down,"

The purpose of the petition is to show Square Enix that the passionate fans are actually interested in this and that we want it to happen. The whole TR classic community was enormously disappointed by the decision Square Enix made about this great project. We hope we can change Square Enix mind about this classic gold.