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Make an HD port of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on NGC for Wii U.

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The original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles hosted a classic story that was enjoyed by many. It's been 4 years since the last game, and the series truly deserves a reboot using the classic GameCube version. The GameCube version is widely thought as the best version, and many people never got to truly experience the best feature of the game. It's multiplayer. Due to it using Gameboy Advance devices and link cables. There isn't a need for such a thing anymore, as the Wii U tablet controller already has a second screen. Using this screen and the Wii U's "Nintendo Network" the multiplayer could be enjoyed by most people with an internet connection. I believe it would sell generally well and many people have stated that they would buy a Wii U just to play it. Now that all of the technical points are out of the way, let's discuss the game on a more emotional level. Many people love this game to death. Some people's first thought when seeing the Wii U's new controller was Crystal Chronicles. They immediately remembered all of the great times they had with this game. I'm actually shocked that a petition hasn't been started for this reason. Although, as stated before, some of those memories were lackluster, and did not include the multiplayer. It was difficult to play this game to the fullest due to the expenses of having to own a gameboy advanced, and a link cable. As well as, needing friends who had the same means. If this was remade in HD, with an invigoratingly new multiplayer using wi-fi it would give people the nostalgia they crave, as well as introduce new people to the franchise. It's a wonderful thought. It truly is.

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