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Petitioning Square-Enix

Square-Enix: into bringing Final Fantasy XV to WiiIU (and FF VII-X)

It has been a long time since Final Fantasy has ever graced a Nintendo console, and this would absolutely be a GREAT asset. Regardless of what one thinks of Final Fantasy today, many gamers are starved for the mainline Final Fantasy series to return to Nintendo platforms. So far Square Enix has not ruled out "Final Fantasy XV" (or "Kingdom Hearts 3") for WiiU, but they haven't commented on it either. But with your help, this petition will show that there is a following who would like to see this franchise return to Nintendo, starting with "Final Fantasy XV" (currently announced for XBox One and PlayStation 4, although it won't be available for a while now, so there is still time for it to come to WiiU). C'mon, let's make a difference, kupo!

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please bring [i]Final Fantasy XV[/i] as well as [i]Final Fantasy[/i] VII-X to WiiU. There is an audience that demands it on Nintendo's system.