Square-Enix should reconsider releasing Dragon Quest XI 3DS Internationally

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Let me begin by saying thank you for officially announcing and revealing, "Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age," for markets outside of Japan.

We are grateful for the change in attitude and direction pertaining to the release of these fantastic, fun, engaging, and artfully intuitive games outside of Japan.  From the releases Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Builders to bring in new fans, to Dragon Quest's VII and VIII 3DS to cater to the old fans.  However, we feel Square-Enix has made a grave mistake in not releasing the Nintendo 3DS version of, "Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age," alongside the PlayStation 4 and Steam releases. 

We are requesting a simple release.  We do not need nor request Voice Acting, upgraded menus, or the other additions specific to the PS4/Steam and likely the Switch versions.  Just the localization will do, as we feel the 3DS version will sell itself, especially considering Dragon Quest IX's sales with a similar simplistic and intuitive menu system and without any special additions or alterations.

We feel this version has a chance at success that will not take away sales from the other releases, but instead add additional sales you would not see otherwise.  This is due to the size and scope of the 3DS audience, and the unique 3DS artistic style that will cater to both the older fanbase outside Japan and those who enjoy retro and indie games.  Atlus and other developers still feel confident in continued releases of new games and other JRPGs that continue to boast strong sales on the 3DS.  By your own admission Dragon Quest VII was a success in NA and EU markets.

The 3DS version has unique distinctions and features which are bound to draw in players who would not be privy to, nor care for the more graphically intensive PS4 and Steam versions.  We feel this might engender new sales down the line from those with a PS4 and a 3DS, or the Switch and a 3DS, or the Steam version and the 3DS, who may want to purchase the digital release of the 3DS version out of curiosity and perhaps a preference for older retro-style games, thanks to recent attention to the main series and the eventual campaigns for the PS4/Steam, and eventual further campaigning for the Switch release.

Most of us are thrilled with the changes to the PlayStation 4 and Steam releases, which will undoubtedly spill into the eventual Switch release.  We recognize these decisions were made to appeal to a wider audience, as most of the core fan base is bound to purchase the Dragon Quest 11 version for the system they own or plan to own in the future.  However, many in the fanbase do prefer vanilla versions, and do enjoy having a walking in-our-pocket all-in-one Dragon Quest game system that would have all or nearly all versions with standard play controls.  For us in North America and Europe, this remains the 3DS due to both the DS and 3DS existing libraries.

The version in question hearkens back to the old school way of playing a Dragon Quest game.  It contains a graphical system that is inherently nostalgic, both in its portrayal of 3D (the DS releases, both versions of 7, and 9), and in having a classic 2D rendition of the same game, with both variations of play tied directly together which is a feat in and of itself and pleasure to watch on video.  This variation makes for a completely unique style of play reminiscent of the older generations of games which is bound to connect the existing fan-base to the games we've played growing up as much if not more so than the PS4 version.  This version also contains a longer, but far more engaging side quest which is split into two.  Both the fast-paced dungeon crawler aspect that leads to extra items, and the special individual quests where the party is warped to the older game worlds to partake in mini-quests within the context of Dragon Quest's 1 through 9's original story lines.  In ways that tie DQ11 more thoroughly to the other games in the series while adding extra meaningful connecting points that better flesh out the story of, and significance of Dragon Quest XI.  One that cannot be experienced in either the PS4 or the Steam versions.  A sidequest that can also help draw new players into the older games, and potentially create a bridge for them to those experiences that the older fans are familiar with in ways the PS4 and Steam cannot.

Perhaps release a limited run of physical copies to gain interest. This is bound to generate buzz. If things pan out you can always print more. Even a purely digital release would be sufficient if printing is prohibitive.

Thank you for your consideration
The Dragon Quest Fans


For those signing or perusing this petition who are curious, another breakdown of the unique elements in the 3DS version, but explained in English, can be found in this video by Project COE:

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