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Release Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PlayStation Vita in EU and NA

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Final Fantasy Type-0 was born on the PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld entertainment system, but only for the Japanese audience.  We, the Western audience have been waiting for a Western release ever since the game was unveiled at E3 2006.  You may think that dedicated portable gaming is dead in Western markets, but it is not!  There are many people standing behind me on this one, just have a look at the two links that I attached below and see for yourself how many PS Vita owners who have been waiting for this, are now crushed and utterly disappointed, because of your previous announcement.  Some are even threatening with the line, "No Vita No Buy".  It couldn't be more obvious that there is an audience for this game on the PS Vita and at that, an enormous one.  So do us the favour and bring the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD version to the PS Vita and you'll make many Vita owners very happy.  Just, by the comments, the PlayStation and PlayStation EU twitter posts got when it was first false announced for PS Vita on 10th June 2014, you could see how badly the Vita community wants this, the comments were filled with excitement and “I love You Sony and Square”.  An hour later we sadly found out it was just a false announcement and the game is now coming to the major consoles.  So please make every Vita owner burst with excitement and happiness by announcing that this game will come to our favourite portable.

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