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Dragon Quest Builders physical edition to the west please

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Dragon Quest Builders will be released in physical and digital edition on PS4 and in digital edition only on PS Vita, in october 11 2016 for North America and in october 14 2016 for Europe.

Many PS Vita players like to collect their games in boxes rather than digital.

As Noriyoshi Fujimoto (Producer) and Takuma Shiraishi (production assistant) said earlier at Gamescom 2016, a PS Vita physical edition to the west may become reality if the players demand with a petition, so here it is !
(Sources : ActuGaming.net and PlaneteVita.fr)

Please Square Enix, bring a physical edition of Dragon Quest Builders for the West !

This game deserves a worthy entry into the Western market with a physical edition in stores ^^

Thank you for your attention and for your support of this petition !

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