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SQUARE ENIX CO.: Please keep the Kingdom Hearts HD & 3 Sony Playstation Exclusive For The Fans

Please keep the Kingdom Hearts HD & 3 Sony Playstation Exclusive For The Fans Who Have Been There Since The Beginning. Kingdom Hearts is amazing game that Sony has cherished. Fans of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise have been loyal to both the series and the Playstation. We are all Kingdom Hearts fans who love every single character and immerse ourselves in the amazing storyline. We relive childhood memories playing through the different worlds and feel for every single one of the characters. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were only on the PS2 and they should stay on the sony console. There is no reason Kingdom Hearts 3 should be on anything other then the PS4. Not only is that it's home console but it's the cheaper of the console so why spend more money getting the more expensive Xbox One then saving the $100 and getting the PS4. Xbox has their exclusives and have even stolen some of Sony's and vice versa, but please, please let Kingdom Hearts be a PS4 exclusive. Keeping Kingdom Hearts exclusive to Sony will be the ultimate show of respect, love, appreciation for the true fans. Not for the people want it multi-platform just to say “I told you so” or to start another console war. Please Square Enix show us that it is about the fans, not the money like the other gaming companies. Please Keep Kingdom Hearts and Exclusive to the Sony Playstation.I am not a Sony fanboy nor am I an Xbox fanboy. I just believe that exclusives are what make consoles unique. There is no place like home Please keep Kingdom Hearts a Sony Playstation Exclusive. Thank you very much, Square Enix, for the years of fun and family entertainment you have given us on every platform.

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