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To Offer Clear Wireless Hotspot Subscribers A Comparable Plan When WiMax Is Shutdown

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If you’re a subscriber to Clear Wireless, you’re most likely fully aware that Sprint (the new owner of Clear) will be shutting down the WiMax wireless network which is how Clear is currently running as of November 6, 2015. Sprint is doing this in an effort to enhance their 4G LTE system.    However, as subscribers to the Clear Wireless network we will no longer be able to use our Clear devices.    The only thing the devices will be good for is a paperweight.

One of the things that this is going to effect is those of us who are currently using Clear Wireless Hotspot devices for on-the-go use.   If we wish to continue to be able to have access to a wireless network such as Clear, we must now purchase a new device and sign up for a new plan from Sprint or any one of the other carriers.   As we all know, there’s no carrier which is offering any type of plan which is comparable to what Clear is offering which is unlimited WiFi service for $54.99 a month. 

As a sampling of what you’d pay if you’d like to continue having a wireless hotspot wherever you go, here’s what Sprint is charging for their wireless hotspot plans:

Sprint Hotspot Plans:   1 GB for $20, 2 GB for $25, 4 GB for $40, 8 GB for $70, 12 GB for $90, 20 GB for $100 all the way up to 60 GB for $225 – All plans add on an additional “access charge” of $20 month.

As I’m sure every Clear Wireless member will agree, these rates are ridiculous compared to the $54.99 we’re paying now under Clear for unlimited WiFi service for up to 8 devices.

Just because Sprint wants to "enhance" their network doesn't mean that we should have to pay a higher price just to enjoy the service that we've been enjoying all along.   If Sprint would like to keep us as happy customers under the Sprint name, it would only be fair that Sprint offers former Clear Wireless members some sort of plan which would be comparable to what we’re now paying now.  

If you’re a Clear Wireless Hotspot subscriber and agree with this, please sign the petition.  I intend on submitting the petition directly to Sprint’s headquarters the end of August, 2015.    If you know of any friends or family members who are also Clear Wireless subscribers, please forward this petition to them.   The more signers we have on this petition the better.

Please be aware that this petition is solely for Clear Wireless Hotspot subscribers.

Thank you,

Jim Syms


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