Help the Gender Sexuality Alliance paint a rainbow crosswalk in Springdale, NL

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The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a high school organization from my alma mater, Indian River High School in Springdale, Newfoundland. The group works to promote equality for sexual and gender minority students and it wants to create a safe, caring, and inclusive space for all members of the student body.

The GSA recently made a request to Springdale Town Council to paint a rainbow crosswalk next to the high school. The request was denied by a 4-3 vote.

I grew up in Springdale and I know there are many residents, past and present, who do not agree with this decision. Denying a rainbow crosswalk is sending a message that Springdale is not an inclusive community. We need to send a message back to Springdale Town Council that there are in fact many supporters of LGBTQ equality across Canada and that we stand in solidarity with the students of the Gender Sexuality Alliance.

The GSA students made a presentation to Council on Monday night, April 23, 2018, to persuade Council to reverse their previous decision and approve the rainbow crosswalk. The town Council decided that evening to take no action and have given no indication when or if they plan to vote again on the issue. Please sign and continue to share this petition widely to help illustrate the importance of this symbol of inclusivity to Springdale's Council. This will help to remind the Council many people are still concerned and paying attention to this issue. We should be actively extending the hand of inclusiveness to all members of our community. This is a walk we all need to cross together!