We Want a Bike and Skate Park in Spring Hill, KS

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We are hoping to create a safe space for teens and kids to ride their skateboards and bikes.

As a community, we understand why private businesses don't want our youth to be riding their bikes and skateboards at their establishment, but with few places for the youth to be, especially as they reach their teens, they're left without a place to go.

Many surrounding towns have bike and skate parks, but few teens and pre-teens have the ability to travel to those other towns to access them, leaving them in a tough spot.

Our goal is to create a skate and bike park in our own town of Spring Hill, KS to allow them the freedom to skateboard, bike, test new tricks, and have fun with their peers, right here in the heart of our town. We'd love to make sure they have a place to spend time and get active!